Cryotherapy Using the EndoScout Tracking System


The movie shows how the EndoScout system is used to guide a cryotherapy of a renal tumor:

  • Planning for skin cut - the small tracking handle is moved on the skin of the patient to find the best location to penetrate into the body. The left panel shows the realtime MRI with tracking annotation (yellow line).
  • Planning for biopsy needle - after the penetration point is determined, the biopsy needle is inserted through the tracking handle and into the penetration point. The user now align the direction of the needle to get into the target - a renal tumor.
  • Taking the biopsy - The biopsy needle is in the target and the biopsy is being cut. Note the agreement between the needle artifact (black vertical line) and the tracking annotation (yellow dashed line).
  • Planning for cryo probe - the biopsy needle is removed and the cryotherapy probe is inserted through the tracking handle. The user aligns the probe in the required direction to reach the target.
  • Cryo probe placement - the cry probe is advanced to the target under realtime imaging with tracking annotation. Note that the user switches between two orthogonal scan orientations.
  • Cryotherapy - with the tip of the probe in the target, the cryothrerapy is applied to the tumor.