Breast Biopsy Navigation System Video

No Need to Shuttle the Patient In and Out of the Magnet

The current approach to conduct breast biopsy on MRI scanners is outside of the scanner, with stereotactic guidance. This requires complete immobilization of the breast by compression, followed by initial scanning, taking the patient out of the bore, device alignment and insertion to the target, shuttling the patient back into the bore to verify that the needle has been inserted into the target, and if not - to try again (out, in), and again... The compression, not only being very uncomfortable to the patient, also reduces contrast flow to the tumor and may result in sub-optimal image.

We have two major advantages:

  • No Need to Compress the Breast - since we do the intervention with realtime image guidance.
  • Save Time - no need to shuttle the patient in and out of the magnet.

The coarse positioning of the apparatus is done before the patient is moved into the scanner, based on the knowledge of the tumor location by the diagnostic scan. Following a high quality contrast scan to detect the tumor, the device is aligned into position and the insertion of the needle is done under realtime imaging, to verify that the needle goes to the target. We expect this approach to cut between 30-50% of the time of the procedure, since the repeated move of the patient in and out of the bore and the repeated scans consume most of the time. Less time means less expenses, so the cost of system installation can be rapidly.