Frequently Asked Questions

What is the EndoScout?

The EndoScout is a tracking system for MRI. It enables tracking of the location and orientation of miniature sensors during an MRI scan.
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On which MRIs does the EndoScout work?

The EndoScout works on ANY scanner.

What is the accuracy of the tracking system?

The location accuracy is 2mm.
The orientation accuracy is 1 degree.

Is the tracking system FDA cleared?

Yes. The EndoScout is FDA cleared to use in any MRI guided intervention.

Where are there installations of the EndoScout?

The EndoScout tracking system is installed in hospitals around the world. Among them are: Johns Hopkins Hospital (Baltimore MD), Massachusetts General Hospital (Boston MA), Brigham and Women's Hospital (Boston MA), University of Maryland Medical Center (Baltimore MD), Shiga University (Japan), Kyushu University (Japan), KAIST University (South Korea).

How long does it take to install the EndoScout?

The installation process takes between one and two days.

Can I integrate the EndoScout data into my own program?

Yes. We can provide you with an EndoScout client, which communicates with the EndoScout main program via TCP/IP. We will also provide you with the source code of the client, which you may integrate in your own program. The EndoScout client works on Windows and Linux platforms.